Same-Sex Divorce in Ohio

With the recent changes in federal and Ohio law, LGBT couples are now afforded the same right to marry previously only granted to the union of a man and woman.  There is the fair expectation that some of these marriages will similarly end in divorce or dissolution.  While many of the legal issues involved in the termination of an LGBT marriage are the same as those traditionally between a man and a woman, there are some important distinctions and issues that need to be addressed.

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Anna Petronzio Named Treasurer of the Cleveland Academy of Collaborative Professionals

For the third consecutive year, Anna has been named treasurer of this organization.  The Cleveland Academy of Collaborative Professionals (CACP) is a group of highly skilled family law practitioners who are committed to offering and utilizing a collaborative alternative to traditional adversarial divorce and separation proceedings.  The CACP members follow a system that is family focused in a cooperative group setting.