Update on Sexual Harassment

With all the talk of sexual harassment in the workplace over the last few months, many employers are concerned about harassment claims at their own business.  Not only does workplace harassment have a significant negative impact on employees affected, but any lawsuits filed in response to harassing behavior can be costly – they cause morale issues in the workplace, take time and resources away from key personnel to respond to the lawsuit, and cost the employer in defense costs and possible adverse judgments.  Taking a few key steps to prevent harassment from occurring in the first place, thus preventing harassment claims, is essential for every employer.

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Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law – What’s Changed For Employers?

Ohio’s medical marijuana law will be effective September 8, 2016. Under this law, doctors will be able to prescribe marijuana to individuals within the state who have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions or diseases. The State is still working out the details of how patients can get medical marijuana, rules on prescriptions, and where it can be grown. In the meantime, many employers are wondering, how does this affect my business?

In a short answer, not much has changed on the employment front. This is because the legislature built in specific protections for employers that allows it to treat medical marijuana (and its use by employees) different from any other prescribed drug. Continue reading