Ohio New Business Filings Hits a New One Month Record In March 2015

The Ohio Secretary of State’s office announced a record month of Ohio new business filings this March.  The number of new business entities filed in March 2015 hit 10,102.  In 2015, a total of 25,525 new businesses were filed by the end of March.

This is good news for Ohio and the local economy, and a sign that small business activity and startups are on the rise in Ohio.

The Secretary of State also announced that in addition to making the business filing process  easier by allowing online filing of new Articles of Organization and Articles of Incorporation, the legislature was close to passing legislation that will cut the fees to file Articles in Ohio.  The legislation was passed by the State House of Representatives late in March and, once confirmed by the State Senate, will cut the fees for filing Articles from $125.00 to $99.00.