Update on Sexual Harassment

With all the talk of sexual harassment in the workplace over the last few months, many employers are concerned about harassment claims at their own business.  Not only does workplace harassment have a significant negative impact on employees affected, but any lawsuits filed in response to harassing behavior can be costly – they cause morale issues in the workplace, take time and resources away from key personnel to respond to the lawsuit, and cost the employer in defense costs and possible adverse judgments.  Taking a few key steps to prevent harassment from occurring in the first place, thus preventing harassment claims, is essential for every employer.

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HR Scam Alert!

There is a new scam hitting HR professionals, targeting employee tax information. The emails appear to be emails from a company executive, asking HR to send them W2’s or other employee tax information. A second email follows, stating the executive is working from home, and to send the W2’s to their home email address. In reported circumstances, the initial email looked like it came from the actual work address, when in reality they were from remote countries. If you get an email like this, please call the appropriate company contact to verify whether the information has actually been requested, and contact your IT professionals. Always be vigilant when sending employee information via email.