COVID-19 Is Stark Reminder To Get Affairs In Order

Now more than ever, when COVID-19 has forced us to confront our mortality, it’s vital that we have our legal documents in place. The essential legal documents are: Last Will and Testament, Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney.

It’s imperative that our loved ones know our wishes so that when the time comes and things are stressful, they’re able to voice the decisions we want to be made. Every adult, 18 years and older, should have their legal documents done before a crisis occurs. A crisis can be in the form of an accident, stroke or illness, or possibly an Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis.

Also, getting these documents done can be a prelude to having “The Talk.” It doesn’t have to be a challenging discussion. It can actually be celebratory. We place so much emphasis on birth. If only we could accept that death is as much a part of life, we could discuss aging with grace and not in hushed tones implying, “maybe if I whisper, it won’t happen.”

Many people put off having their documents done because they don’t want to think about their mortality or deal with a lawyer. But it’s not nearly as daunting or costly as one might think. It’s the kind of thing you know you need to do but really don’t want to, and once it’s done, you’re so glad you did and it wasn’t that bad. Having your legal documents in place provides immeasurable solace knowing that things are finally in place!